Who am I

Why this site

Well why make this site.

First I have used a lot of time searching the internet, when i'm in the need of a guide or other information.
Therefore I want to share my expierence with everybody else.

I like taking picture of different events and therefore many of my friends keeps asking me to post the pictures on the internet.

Well Who am I

My name is Nicholas Tinggaard and i'm 23 years old and i currently a Computer Science Student at Aalborg Universite.

My personal website

I work part time as a freelance IT-Consultant at 2Fast and NickIT ApS in Aalborg.

My interests is ofcourse computer science:

Languages: C#, C, PHP, SQL, ASP.NET
Markup: HTML, CSS, LaTeX
And a lot of other stuff including general principles in computer science such as data structures, parallel computing/multi-threading, OOA&D, and syntax and semantics of languages.

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