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List of items:

Nikon D200

Nikon AF-S ED DX 18-70mm

Nikon AF-D ED 70-300mm

Nikon SB800

Sandisk Extreme III 4Gb


For Sale:

Nikon D70 Upgraded to D70s firmware

Nikon AF-S ED DX 18-70mm

Sandisk 1gb

Lowerpro camera bag


My current camera

 Nikon D200 advanced D-SLR is the best dslr camera I have owned so fare. Okay I haven't owned that many ;) But I have tried the D2Xs and can only say WOW.

I startet out photographing with the Nikon D70, and where never dissapointed. But when I got the opportunity to get my hands on the new Nikon D200, I didn't hesitate much ;)




more will come, since this only is the dumm bla bla introduction :)


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