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Windows Terminal Server Client Network Printer Redirect

When a client locally is using a network printer, this will not automatically get redirected onto a terminal server upon login. This is because Microsoft Remote Desktop only redirects ports like LPT, USB...

Here is a litte work around I found (inspired by this Microsoft article) :

If the network printer, is shared by another computer you just skip the next step.

If the network printer is connected using just a TCP/TP port, you will need to share it as a normal windows printer share.

When you (now) have a printer avaliable thourg a network share, you do the following:

Go to a Command prompt:

net use lpt3 \\servername\printer /persistent:yes 

By doing this you assign the local port "lpt3" to the network printer.
The guides I found said that this should be enough to make the printer avaliable on a Remote Desktop, but I have not been that lucky.

My solution where to install the printer (again) locally at the client using the new created port "lpt3". When this where done the new printer where redirected though the Remote Desktop and works fine.

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