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FortiGate Password Reset
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Fortinet FortiGate Password Reset

How to reset the password of a Fortinet FortiGate firewall.

Or just gain access to the firewall though the console interface will be described here.

This is strangely not described in the administratorsmanual. But Fortinet says that if you are a subscribing user of Fortinet's products, you can contact them, and they will guide you.

I tested this on a Fortinet FortiGate 50A

  1. Connect to the firewall via the Console port on the back of the unit. This is done either by an Seriel cable or a RJ-45 to Seriel cabel.
  2. Start HyperTrm.exe (Hyber Terminal)
  3. Connect to the firewall using the following parameter
    1. Baud 9600
    2. 8Bit
    3. None
    4. 1
    5. None
    6. And of course the correct com-port. Yeah I know, obvious... but many make this mistake
  4. The firewall should then repose with its name or hostname. (If it dont try pressing "enter")
  5. Type in the username: maintainer
  6. The password is bcpb + The serienumber of the firewall (remember CAPS letters)
    1. Note that on some devices, after the device boots, you have 14 seconds to type in the username and password. It might, therefore, be necessary to have them ready in a text editor, and then copy and paste them into the login screen.
  7. Now you should be connected to the firewall, and to change the admin password you type the following.
    1. config system admin
    2. edit admin
    3. set password <psswrd>
    4. end
  8. Now you are all done. Enjoy your regained acces to the Firewall.


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