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Ubuntu 9.04 on Asus EeePc 901

I installed Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix Release Candicate and updated to the real release.

I'll have to say it runs smooth, and boots very fast (considered that it is a "whole" fully equiped ubuntu system).

But... sadly I discovered that I could not connect to any Wireless WPA-Enterprise networks.

Wireless WPA - Enterprise cannot connect. (Fix)

I found that to be caused by the driver included in the new ubuntu, and there should already be bug reports about it. But I found a solution, or I found a solution some other guy had made.

To make is work you need to downgrade the driver to an ealier one:

  1. Get the driver from
  2. Go to terminal, and move the pre-installed driver so it won't get loaded. (And so you keep it in case you need it.)
  3. cd /lib/modules/2.6.28-11-generic/kernel/drivers/staging/rt2860/
    sudo mv rt2860sta.ko rt2860sta.bak
  4. Install rt2860-dkms_1.7.1.1_all.deb (dpkg -i rt2860-dkms_1.7.1.1_all.deb)
  5. During the install It will complain about the wrong ubuntu version. Don't worry it worked for me anyway.
  6. If it does not install make sure you have the following installed: "build-essential", "linux-header-generic" and "dkms"

Asus eeeasy

I also installed Asus-eeeasy which fixed the things that did'nt work out of box....

Description comes later (when i get home from work....)

Netbook Remix

When I had used the Netbook Remix edition a little while... I got tired of it... sooo... just wanned to make som advertisement for removing remix and using a good old fashion Ubuntu system :)

Hehe... actually I wanted to get rid of Maximize... since all my windows got maximized which annoyed me...

So I did a sudo apt-get remove maximum... and it took my ubuntu-netbook-remix with it.... how sad.. NAAAA... :)






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